June 12, 2012

Well, First, This

That dream where your skin peels back and you're metal underneath

Someone gave that to you

What's the difference?

The one where you are stone underneath

You know plastic is organic?

The one where there's more skin underneath

Or the one where you're just bleeding and dead

The one where there is a little city or a hive of insects

The one where there are tentacles and lights


I like you better awake

I like most everyone better in the fall

There is tempting magic in all bad things or they wouldn't be bad

They'd just be stupid and I'd be stupid for toying with them

But you're right, there's a time for being stupid

The Bible told you so and you told me


Singing a note until you pass out is no kind of magic

Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is a passable quote but also no kind of magic

Life is no kind of magic, really

Wonder is no kind of magic, I don't think

I might try figuring that out

I've got some time

Location:Newton St NW,Washington,United States