June 23, 2012

It'll Rush Away from You

Let your foot mark the chapter

Reminders and stepping out yards

Often counting to twenty to mark a wall, and all kinds of barked orders from one direction

Gentle and firm instruction from the other

Attack, assault, barrage, tackle, yelling, whistles, etc.

We saw the first place they see the sunrise everyday on the east coast

We saw pre-historic animals

We were many

The tides are massive, all kinds of things are breath-taking, the weather

This was almost the speed you brush the dirt off

There will be plenty of laundry and folding and catching up

There will be plenty of movement still

Finish lines are for fantasies

I guess

I bet I'll always be a sucker for irises

Location:Eden St,,United States


Susan said...

WHEW! You take me right into the picture and beyond, as nothing stops with the stop. Very speedy and very cool!