June 4, 2012

Heading Up to Push Out (and Making Light of My Scary)

I'm nothing if not dropping away from expected

This subway smells like Dr. Hazel's office

He gave me a spinal tap right there on his desk when I was two

I don't remember what his office smelled like that actual day

I had a fever and now I'm pretty sure he's dead

What does spinal fluid smell like?

I'm betting you and some wifi can figure it out


Next, shampoo

Next, motion

Next, conversations, mechanical sounds, the hiss of compressed air no longer compressed

28th and counting

Coming and going

This day holdup for trains and rain and baseball and friends

This day is for breathing and figuring it out


The motions, simple, static, blessings, acceleration, lights, shuddering vs. trembling to rumbling

Ramble seat, the nineteenth century rule, inconsistent breaking

Acceleration in the opposite direction isn't true either

Friction, fluids, heat, alternating currents, no service, no service, no service

The phrase "bottle blonde" has never done much for me -- maybe because I don't see blondes as anything special

More blessings, more rumbling

At times this city feels like steamer trunk belted to the back of an antique car

Things usually seem a little larger than they really are

Your eyes and brain work together on this

Take a picture of the moon and you will see


Children this and children that

Rumbling gives way to rocking gives way to more no service

Many, many places for everyone

Location:Varick St,,United States