June 3, 2012

Sunday, Baltimore

Hours, seconds, days

Weeks, months, repeat

An accumulation of dead skin

The removal of dead skin

Thousands of little things attacking your eyes

Continuous running, more days, changes in weather

Injuries adding up, more years

Remorse vs. regret is a possible story

A tendency to light fires, another

Stories about moths and flame

Stories about children on the way to not being children, or other children tried like adults

Roadside stands vs. roadside memorials like tomatoes vs. mylar balloons

Packing tape vs. brads

Lightpoles vs. crates

The first person to ever say, this, too, will pass, is no longer with us

Buckets, chains, reactions, etc

There are artificial hearts and stem cells and iron lungs

Theirs is a future getting smaller

There is glass and no shortage of water where I live

There are gas prices and roads

Look around back, the helipad is bitchin'

Location:Washington Blvd,Baltimore,United States