July 6, 2009

It Is A (Face (Forward))

Lately, people have been noting there are no "forward facing" photos of me. I hate those kinds of pictures of myself.

I used to take the worst school photos -- facial expressions, hair, carriage -- all the way through college. (A) is a bit like a school photo. It was taken for work, back before the economy fell apart the time before the latest economy falling apart. What was I thinking with that soul patch gone wild? I miss those glasses.

Sometimes it happens when I'm less then sober, like (C) when I was in Amsterdam or say at a holiday party. Sometimes I get caught off guard. Sometimes you don't see it coming.

Other times I'm just worn out (B). It's not always best to fight it. This is a difficult lesson to live or learn.


Adam R said...

You look pretty good in Justin's shirt (B).