July 13, 2009

Weekend Report After Justin, Just Sunday Edition with Dan Deacon, and an Adam Robinson Echo

Despite my utter lack of hindquarters, I was a giant ass.
I stared myself down and got crazy with scissors.
I regretted.

I realized that it wasn’t the text message that would rule them all.
I got clear-headed with clippers.

I got in the car.
I got outside.

It took a while for the sky to open. But open it did and The Crystal Cat rained down in a giant oval with group gesturing, and running, and jumping, and collisions, and not even sweating shoves from a no-doubt-asswipe. I left my head for my belly. I was well-warmed.

Thanks, world. You know who you are.
Good job, everybody. You know who you are.


Justin Sirois said...

Epic end to an epic weekend.
I love you.

KA Gorman said...

When I stood in the pouring rain, I waited and waited to get soaked. It only took a few hours for my clothes to get dry again.