July 7, 2009

Novel Apple Trails and Matchboxes and Industry

“eGovernor, laws of motion (if I may so express myself) which are the source of, and give direction to an universal freedom, choice and liberty...”
My name is John

“HTML Corvette, I submit the following information…”
My name is Patrick

“1991 Aluminum, productivity trends in the United States of freedom, are the incremental change in reference – the very chi-squared of freedom for the Similar.”
Here I made you a mix tape

My gmail account has been hacked!
Two reviews happened.
So what I decided to do was to do something.

“Cell Phone Themes, now I can say thank you.”
Lounge, wear, freedom, smartwool, women’s sophististripe, crew, unlisted.


JON LEE said...

Not that the introspection is a surprise, but the revealing of self is. Especially the post before this. And now a vid. I likey.

Soon I'll find out you are hiding a clue in all of this and it will reveal that you are the smoke monster.

Anonymous said...

Hello, desk. You are full of idols. The pope, the real life pope, also has a bobble head. Many people have tried, but few have succeeded, in bobbling it. That's a statement there, about anybody's head, really.

Jamie Perez said...

But Jon, the last one was so straight-ahead (unpacked metaphor intended)... it wasn't all double-speaky was it?

KA Gorman said...

Does the audience on your table approve or disapprove of you each morning?