October 6, 2012

Another Saturday, Another Butler Sentenced

I feel the urge to make something

I am full of nervous energy that needs to go somewhere and do something

I feel the urge to be noise and motion

I'm not speaking in metaphors

This is Saturday

When the battle is over, soldiers will sit around and play cards and chew gum and smoke and maybe barbecue chicken

The quiet between loud noises lasts forever

Busy your hands, fold napkins, straighten and face your life

Make lists

The sharks and moving metaphor is tired

The bacteria that's multiplied until food sources are depleted and their environment made unlivabley toxic with waste is a story I've kept in my mind for decades -- it'd be a metaphor if it wasn't do complex and straight ahead

This metabolism is made for things that aren't Saturday -- or Sunday worse still

My daughter's favorite member of the Voltron Force is Twitch


Aside: genetics are really far from destiny and future generations will find our thinking to be wicked simple and aspiration toward order like myths and magic before it

That makes genes no less fascinating -- just like myths and magic

I just read a book that touched on Diana a lot

A conversation yesterday featured a club named Orpheus and whether the patrons realized what a great name that was (I noted they had a goth night -- and those patrons certainly did)

Life, stories, transmission and other sharing, death, memory, music, anger and other passion, good behavior and less good or highs and lows, accumulation

A week is a thing like a paragraph is a thing, I guess

Words and things clichés

Funny this technology clichés and funny this world or this life clichés

Add on more and add on more

The blank of the other blank of the still other blank

What we blank when we blank about other blank

Mad liberation, the abject terror of freedom, the horror of empty space and silence, the object fear or boredom

Braiding braids with collages of others

Cabling cable out of braids and collating collages

They make machines, don't they?

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