October 7, 2012

There Are Things You Can Take to the Bank

Not much in the taking pictures

If vampire stories are about believing in yourself

And bondage stories are about fighting the lifeness of life

If zombie stories are painfully obvious

And fairy tales are stand-ins for the relationship between China and the European Community

If reality shows are about the beginning of boredom

And Anerican politics are about the end

Then and then and then and then

Then and then I lost count

You're rewinding the tape or you were

Time bounces, nights hold still, absolutes

I love the phrase "gravity well"

Run through from both angles I know of

Hold on

Going to get there soon

Location:Aliceanna St,Baltimore,United States


Susan said...

Yes! But don't hold your breath! All your images work together in this poem so by the time I got to "Then and then and then and then" I wondered how the conditional would add up. Your ending is perfect.