October 4, 2012

Strange Fellows, Insects, Intersections, Fellowship

Like decks

Like run

Architectural trim tucked away quietly

Elongated entrances entrance ransomers

Relinquish ranting, all auditors and auctioneers

Like times

Trample forward, friendly friends

Scratch tines along your forearm

Swear to memories vs. swear at memories

Sweat detail after detail like you're getting paid because you are getting paid

Soak up cycles while the heat that escapes whispers the end of us all

It'll be a great time

The restraints are invisible, but the motion is constant

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States


Susan said...

Yes, it is like that, run-on sentences and all, why pause, the day doesn't allow it, especially if you turn up. Are you an architect?