October 11, 2012

What They Mean by When They Say Consecutive

It's a three-wheeled vehicle and it idles high

It's a stool, a space, and not so much the opposite of progress as something altogether different

It's young when it wants to be

It's what they mean when they show the hat signal

The high sign

The take a man down

It's the slingshot and the miracle of gravity and pent up everything

Shadows are different miracles

While light is where we start getting along

Light is where plants make the magic happen

Wrap yourself in the spirit of the law and feel the wind on your face

You know about me and the fall or you will know

I'll let someone better suited catalog the birds in the sky

Drop it like gray and double-vented

Drop it like navy blue and snug fitting

Drop it like pinstriped and bankered

Drop it like reporting vs. prescription

Murky spots, fog warning, inestimable and more myths

More myth more myth

Fine fine fine

Hate fine fine

Fine like like

Like a light house

I am so so so


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