October 31, 2012

Some People Are Looking

I haven't heard any gunshots in the neighborhood tonight

A far away prop plane maybe

Helicopters go over our house all the time

Ferrying hurt folks

Which beats the searching for bad folks type

Some image of a helicopter spotlight splashing down across a neighborhood

Some image of following, trailing, finding

The surrender and the locked on and the locked in

That final cushion of air as a copter lands


Monday is a cry for help

Tuesday is a cry for help

Wednesday is today now is Halloween

A sketchbook is a cry for help

Changes in the streetlights are the sign you've been waiting for

The E in the packy's Open sign will flicker out some day

The wind is a cry for help and it is taking all the babies away


Hurricanes, dingos (sp?), typhus, heroin, stray bullets, wage slavery, apathy, maybe religion, close-mindedness, poverty, cars, the wrong people in the wrong places at the wrong times


Arm, books, cats, duvet cover, entry, fingers twitching, glowing, helicopter overhead, isolation, Jamie, keyboard in scare quotes, little piles of books, my sniffling, nouns, open box of tissues, pairs of shoes or pairs of jeans, ready-or-not readymade, snoring (cat), time or not enough of it, unfinished stories, vacuums that are home appliances, water, you may see me in the morning


Breaking the rules is a cry for help

Strict adherence to rules is a cry for help

Rules are a cry for help

Weather comes down from the North

Weather comes up from the South

But nobody argues

Nobody fights


Men volunteered to fight for a country that had put them in concentration camps

But we live in different times

Keep your head connected to your neck

Follow down you spine

Your rooted in this body

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States


Susan said...

You're rooted (last line) and un-rooted--a big cry for help. This list reminds me of all the times I have not heeded the call. Powerful notice of life, as usual!