October 31, 2012

There We're No Decapitations Today That I'm Aware Of

I am mostly motivated

I took it easy on the Dark Arts

No bending time, no shifting space, no dispatching bodies unto dust

I stilled no beating hearts, quieted precious few riotous brains

I took my daughter trick-or-treating with her friends and their fathers and my girlfriend

This day had highs and this day had lows

Quantum entanglement is still spooky

Chromodynamics is still a killer set of syllables

Horns are still loud

The rain threatened but then retreated

Baseball season is both a memory and something to look forward to

This is Vishu's story with fewer hands

A monkey lifts a mountain

A monkey flies across the sky with a mountain carefully balanced on one hand

That's fucking fantastic

Cook your food

We'll sit around the fire and talk

We'll need to chew less

And before you know it

All this

And ghost stories, too


Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States