October 12, 2012

All Kinds of Coltrane and then the O's Game

It's a potent magic but you're not sure what it means

Sometimes a ton of colors make gray, other times you end up all Murakami

I think it is obvious how I roll

I think it is obvious that the universe is a big place

Less obvious? That the atmosphere is mostly nitrogen

That deceleration is a myth

Gravity (when you step back from it)

Did I accidentally just make a giant nerd pun?

It's Friday

I'm gonna grab a beer and watch my team while I hang out with my girls

Bernie's right, Soul Eyes is a wicked track

I wish I'd learned to play piano as a child

I wish I wore a shirt like Miles Davis in the early 60s

It's 2012 for chrissakes

Location:Patuxent Range Rd,Jessup,United States


Susan said...

Grins! This catalog poem is fun, step by step into reality.