April 16, 2013

4:53 in the Morning

Raw is a wrestling show on TNT        
Raw is an emotional state         Raw is a way to serve steak or fish or vegetables         Wrasslin'         A shield is a shield is not a way of life I'd recommend         The periodic table of elements         News covers things that happening close after they happen         Your friends share news with you about people you mutually know         News is filled with dead people         World events are comprised of living and dead people and occasionally animals or the actions of the larger planet         Cats often make bread before lying down         Some people say they are making biscuits         4:59 in the morning         Do you hear the same echo as I do         World events also include births from time to time         5 o'clock in the morning         Is followed by 5:01 in the morning         Tired is something you feel in your muscles         Tired is something you can feel in your joints and even your bones         Tired is something you can feel in your brain or your heart or many other organs         We can call this worn out as well         Other times it would mean fed up         Done         I'm taking my ball back         Fuck all of you         All of you stupid motherfuckers         Most times it just means you need sleep or you want sleep         And you probably aren't in a sleep place         Professional wrestling is as real as this when you think about it         Man run by little man inside his head fallacy         End of the day is the best time for sleep fallacy         You have the most wonderful face         The world going 'round         The end of the newsfeed comes when you decide it does         Newsreel         That isn't lost on me for the first time         Newscast         Broken ribs         Newsman         Paperboy         Soul music         Lots and lots of tenderness         Both medical and emotional         Try a little         Going on         I hear some birds outside         Try a little         5:09 in the morning

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States