April 4, 2013

Paying My Taxes Like a Motherfucking American Taxpayer, What What

The other day I was wondering whether I was actually a socialist or just a capitalist that (a) believed in different currencies or (b) just have a deep seated disrespect for my own money

I didn't really know how to get my head around that

I'm good with spreadsheets but I'm no economist

Or economic theorist

Have you paid your taxes online? I have

Echoes my favorite Dotty Lasky poem

Or one of my favorites -- the one we'd always quote around the house

And if you are only reading a little bit of poetry these days, stop right now and go get Black Life

And if you are reading a little more than a little bit, flip a coin and get either Awe or Thunderbird, too

I mean, look at the cover of Thunderbird


And the stuff inside is even better for real

If you are reading a lot bit lately, good for you

Put lots of books around your house and your kids will read more

And you know what that means?

Your kids will look at the insides of more books

For whatever that's worth

I've been reading books on my phone lately, too

I'm staying away from dairy for the moment


Go read a ton and have a good day if you can swing it

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