April 29, 2013

Sometimes There's Gonna Be Fuck-Faces

Sometimes things are gonna get political

(Up in here, Up in here)

Sometimes we're going to see what happens when people stop being nice and start getting real

Sometimes people are gonna go shirtless

Sometimes will be the right time for a blazer and singing

Sometimes we'll sit on the floor

Sometimes we'll get along

Sometimes we'll have the courage to tell someone to go fuck themselves in the face of bodily harm

There is this great guy in Michigan named Jeff

He's handsome, sure, but like me he's a normal-sized guy

And once we were wrapping up playing pickup games of basketball at an MSU gym

And a couple attractive ladies walked through the gym on their way to doing whatever they were up to

And this bigger-than-normal-sized guy with his like-sized friends whistled or catcalled or somesuch at the women

And Jeff yelled, "Don't be a dick!" without missing a beat

And that was that

And that's why I wanted him to be my daughter's godfather

I don't think he believes in God (I don't, either), and I haven't seen him in a long time

But man, he'll call a fuck-face a fuck-face when it's gotta be told

He's that Nordic kinda handsome even if he isn't all Viking-sized

He wears glasses, sometimes, and knows a shit-ton about history

Location:Calvert Rd,College Park,United States