April 7, 2013

What Is All This Sense

It is what we call it when you run at breakneck speeds over short distances

Devil-may-care is an attitude

Enlarging your lungs is a process

Oxygen is to us as it is to fire

Wood is to fire as it is to little else

Fire, rust, rot

Digestion , breathing

Order stops mattering, symmetry stops mattering, continue

That trick where you throw all the cards in the air, but this time it's all the cards in the air that are your card

51 different cards are your card and the three of clubs, here in my hand, is for idiots

Pick your 51 cards up and shake them off

You're in the air and then you are not

You can't speak and then you can

You are asleep and then you are awake

Don't lose track of everything

Don't let forever go

This is how we'll all move forward

In our different shoes

Location:Emory St,Baltimore,United States