April 10, 2013

You Continue and You Got This One

I can't stop listening to this Listener song

I can't wait for the Casual Band's first show

I want to be a better singer

I want to have a convincing growl

I'm not so much feral though

And the cats would laugh about it if laughing were more like killing things

Or included wet food

We build piles of papers on every surface

And we tell ourselves things like, I found it in the last place I looked

It's a story because it has a beginning, middle, and end

Or it's a paragraph or it's a sentence or it's a sound

These connections bring you closer; so close you realize distance was never the problem

These connections bring you power when they are wires attached to sockets

These wires bring you so much and bring so much to you

Full stop

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States