April 2, 2013

Life as We Know It

Everything I write could have this title

And a picture of a cat

Looking surprised or content or away from the camera or with glowing eyes in low light

Words are technology and whatever your high horse they'll always build one higher

And Victorians will be trapped in time, all afraid of dangling participles and other superstitions we'll leave behind some day

Split infinitives? We split atoms.

We have cell phones and are much further down the path toward racial integration

Our wealth distribution is prolly back to being just as f'ed as theirs, but things come and go

We conquered bacteria so hard it's conquering back

Our jokes are better, silly Victorians

And they are all dead

And so are all the Romantics, and all the Modernists, and the Beats, and most of the New York School

Keep on dying dead people, and we'll keep dying, too

Picture of two cats that have had dinner and are just looking for a warm place to sleep

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States