April 5, 2013

On Camden Yards Opening Day 2013

You'll get your game shirt on

You'll walk out the front door

You'll reboot your views on weather and how much it matters

Ahead of summer beach trips and the hurricane Septembers past where it'll matter more and more until the winter slide makes you throw your hands up

Today is American like hamburgers and tacos and sushi

Today is American like hope for the new year

Today is like massive swings in small statistical sets and they matter until they don't

Everyone together and everyone watching and everything louder

Other days are for doing something, but today is for the guys on the field doing it all

Later economics and fate or inertia and more and more numbers

Until then, all of your friends are calling

And let's go


I'm having thoughts about the continuum of occasional poems that go from massive, repeated, mainstream occasions down a spectrum of less frequent, more niche, more personal events until you end up at the non-occasional, unique and personal. Maybe you end up at haiku.

Also thinking of occasional poems (before) vs. reporting (during or after) and the opportunities / narrative-emotional something of an explicit before-after form -- splitting composition over time and space, especially across noted breakpoints...

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