April 23, 2013

When Resonance Became a Limiting Factor, No?

Attack and retreat and dead at 72

Free people in a free world alive at 24

Crouching, stalking, deciding and dead at 94

Forever after at 39

I can't remember my first steps or my first breath or my first words

Did you have a brain before your heart started beating? I doubt it

Onward, inward, and onward some more

These are not boxes we are checking

These are not sames that seek complying

There are relationships that need span shores, that's just reality, friend

There are connections that are doomed to faulty-dom

There are fights that need fighting but that's not one of them

There are fights that need fighting that won't be resolved until long after you're gone, but need you to fight them here and now

Layers of skin emerge and die and are gone, but your hand is still there

Stars sit in the sky, but that's just perspective

Things come to be, followed by more things

There is no relationship between small and great when we really dig in

A bridge covers a distance because the distance needs covering

Trust in that

Trust in you're going somewhere

Trust in a speedometer

Any speedometer

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