March 19, 2012

Got My Eyes On Right

Quickly, right.

Effect, right.

Barter quickly, right.

The circles say attack, or more likely "pounce first, pounce hardl

Hospitals on every block.

Funeral homes on every other

Spells Philadelphia


Spells daffodils, goes to Oxford on leave

Lifting upwards

The difference between the roof and the ceiling

The space between the spacer and the fire

Beautiful house, how did you get so beautiful?

Can you sunder ice?

Can you smite a virus?

Can a blind telepath see through someone else's eyes?

Pools of blood

The mad scientist using this particular moment and this particular card game to finally tell the truth, but you've treated him the other way for so long

Like too strong to the rim and/or anticipating the blow and/or the pendulum

The deepest pit of inertia

Your favorite gravity well

The hottest new heat sinks

If I told you it was thermodynamics all the way down, you'd call me a liar

Nobody ever expects 2 + 2

And I've got all your nobody right here

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States