March 31, 2012

Lots of Books Have Been Written

Violent and unintentional

Acquaintances from Shanghai, India, Japan

Unbreakable codes

Rampant insanity

New friends, old stories

The translating will never end

Rows upon rows of lives upon lives

We once feared the mail would never stop, huddled over our sorting tables in the cost-efficient fluorescent light

You were trying to cut back on coffee -- unfortunately tea leaves me feeling dehydrated

You were quitting smoking

You were trying to eat healthier and exercise

You were trying to live on less, eat local, cut out wheat, vote your conscience

Choices, choices everywhere

Now we fear the day the mail stops

We'll be left to figure out what those lights did to us

And how the sorting changed us forever

Look at all this gray

Look at these medical bills

There was a creek we used to fish in back in Massachusetts. We'd ride our bikes there and we'd rarely catch anything.

The fish are gone now

The creek is gone

And bikes are extinct at last.