March 13, 2012

When Your Gifts Come Home to Roost from Another Direction and Nobody's Happy With It

Full plane on the way to Dallas and then on to Austin

That guy is sitting next to me

That guy is sitting next to me, but I'd hoped burying myself in this great Sunday Times Magazine story about these girls outside Rochester with tics and seizures would carry me through

But you know where I'm going with this

And I'm too tired to read to much

And I just kinda have to pee enough that I can't really quasi-sleep or rest or whatever

And I'm in the window seat and don't feel like making two people get up to resolve that

I think everyone has a little algorithm I their head that balances their own discomfort against the imposition it would be on folks around you to resolve said discomfort

This gotta-pee discomfort is wicked mild

I've said it before, I've driven across six states needing to pee before

So I can surely fly across six

I think my algorithm is for shit, though and I shouldn't sweat a little more harmless disruption for strangers a little more often

Shit I disrupt the hell out of people I know all the time -- why not share said gift with the wider world

"The wider world" sounds real nice -- I bet it'd feel nice in my mouth

"Hypermarché" nice? Doubtful. Few things feel that nice.

Mabeline. Navel orange. Ice cream just starting to melt. The patient tongue of someone you're digging hard. Just about anything in the right amphetamine moment -- but especially your own tongue.

Heraclitus? Maybe.

Orientalist? In more than one way.

Does xenophillic have an organic chemistry or internal medicine meaning? I'm going to start using it to mean "orientalist" in a positive way cuz I don't think you can get away with positive orientalism in 2012

But mayhaps losing the capital O softens the blow.

There is entendre all over the place

Is that guy's incessant app advice to that other guy rewiring pathways?

That other guy is off to the bathroom

Maybe I should make a move

Too late

Blessed silence

I'm guessing this is worthless, but I'm to blame

My bad