March 7, 2012

Updated Updates Up in Here

You feel it coming on

There is knocking and then there is a door

Knock, knock, knocking, as they say

They are right, they are the smartest room, they know the secrets of the pink moon and blue moons and the too tired stories about studies of crime waves in London

If you ask me, they have nothing better to do

Aka All They Want to Do Is Dance (and make sweet romance)

You can't kid a kidder

You can't even kid a kid if she isn't in the mood to pay attention


You see

It all comes down to attention

Flashing lights, a handful of wit, a winter-shortened day

Witchcraft vs. aircraft, who wins?

Withcraft vs. hovercraft. No brainier.

The artificial heart vs. messenger RNA?

Christ almighty vs. lord bless us and save us?

I don't even know how to spell Aramaic so there goes that even if the robots are gonna swoop in and save the day.

Peace be with you robots.

Think on photosynthesis.

Totally. Badass.

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