March 18, 2012

There Is Ice Cream Dripping from the Ceiling and Butterflies in Your Eyes

From good at everything to bad at everything in seconds

Survivors all around us, and I never got you the right backpack

Sideways glances are a map of my failures

We listen to experts and they teach us expressions

We listen to experts and they help us see the world better

We pay them or pay them off every day so we can continue on our merry way

There will be lunch

There will be dinner

There will be a third line with an extended phrasing that's the crutch cliché

Crutch as a cane to hold up your ear or a conveyance to keep your wholer head moving down the road

Your body follows as the crutch flips from one to the other and then it's both

The color wheel spins itself into white

It is not a winter's day

It is not a lion's day

I can't possibly wrap a blanket around all this

I can't buy enough helmets or mats or antibiotics


There is the evil you can't beat because in beating it you become that evil

There is the evil you can't beat because in beating it you create another and greater evil

You crush all the embodiments and vehicles

You disrupt channels and stunt waves

There is the evil you can't beat because even though it is small, it never rests and yet you must. And someone will eventually doze off on the watch no matter how elaborate and double-proofed your buddy system

There are inhuman evils and you are human

There is the evil you can't beat because it's just so damned big and better and stronger

The evils that scare you

The evils that lull you into taking them lightly

The evils that are invisible, undetectable

There are evils you invite into your home unwittingly and the evils you welcomed with open arms knowing what they were and, god, what were you thinking?

If you were created in anyone's image, that's where you learned resting

That's where you learned breathing

That's where you learned to convert sugar into ATP and power this very dynamo

The ghost of citric acids

The Kreb's Cycle round and round forever passed on to children or the many many things and systems and processes that will feast on your flesh when you're gone


Your mind is the cage

Your body will set you free

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Sunlight somethings

Soaked in, scared, the scars will come

The flesh will envelop, the flesh will yield, the flesh will overcome, the flesh will melt

The flesh will burn and tan and blemish and cancer up

The eyes will tear and close and see and witness

The witness will buckle and doubt and stand firm

Four on the floor

Can you help you?

Moving forever