March 24, 2012

This Day Is For Fortune; This Day Is for Everyone

Trayvon Martin's on my mind

And chanting and basketball players in protest hoodies and what's next

See shivers in your spine and go at them

Because go at them hard is our son

Senseless shit's gonna happen is our son

Sense of justice is our son

Wear a helmet learning to ride a bike is our son

Driving while black is our son

Hold the line and not on my watch is our son, too

I love this country and I do believe justice will be able to legally marry forgiveness in every state some day

I believe you can hold a picture in your head and then bend the whole world to it

It's been a while of too much bending to bad pictures

Hold onto good pictures is our son

Will you help me raise him?

I believe it takes faster-than-light light and I believe you can do it

Is our son in America today?

Is our son saving daylight?

Does our son know courage?

Does he know the many faces of conviction?

Stand up and be counted with our son

Always more standing up, always too few helmets to go around, but also setting bones and always Saturdays

I don't even know what I'm getting ready for

I didn't bring any facts

I'm trying my shoes