March 23, 2012

The Wicked and the Dead

Sleep is for

Foolish consistency is for

Idle time is for

Yesterday's paper is good for

And good for various kinds of analysis -- qualitative, quantitative, verbal, specific, numeric, etc.

"I didn't intend what I said to be real"
And / or

"I didn't mean that as fact"
And / or

"I was trying to be true"

Or True or the Truth

Does the Answer play for Boston?

The Answer. The Truth. Beast. Big Man. Timmy. Yaz. The Iron Man. Dr. J.

Nicknames are the best. They're the real deal.

Dear sirs and madams,
Bees, in fact, don't have knees

Sleep is not for meth addicts
When they are in the throes of the demon synthetic

Reminder: Organic solvents were what used to make decaf coffee a bad idea and dry cleaning iffy

But I love a good hook like everyone else

I really don't believe there is a hidden meaning we should be looking for, but I struggle to take that feeling all the way to the ground

Sorta like ground and round have no connection outside of a butcher's shop

Well, more likely a butcher's counter in these parts

And French for ground and French for round have even less connection

Less than no

You know what I mean

And that I mean it from one way -- the kind of way that leads you to have your minions excise the excess words from Shakespeare's sonnets

I mean, how foolish is that?

How foolish is every tree? Every dogwood. Every skyscraper.

I am really starting to think I'll never get to visit an asteroid belt in this lifetime -- and I've never really thought there'd be another

At least I believe that you're you

And you're not out to get me, no matter what time it is or what dumb-assed thing I've managed to say

Dear OED explorer trawling the web. I hope you find this note and add "shit-ton" to the dictionary. It is such a great phrase-cum-word. It does such a great job of conveying an idea, an attitude, a cultural moment. What more do you want? I know, right? I don't doubt Google will show off its popularity and utility if you have reservations.

If you already have it on the docket. Excellent! I should check that OED more often (aka ever aka Little Johnny One Note aka the Brockton Bomber aka Sweet Cheeks aka the best damned cat I've ever known).

Sleep tight Spooky. Sleep tight Zelda. And sleep tight all the other animals great and small that I've loved and who have shed their living selves. You guys were awesome.

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Margaret G. said...

Emma and I love this.