November 27, 2012

There Are Many Universes (with Nods to All My Friends and Forebearers)

Who named the plains?

What was the last thing you put into a bag?

There are many universes that have blackbirds and even more with birds that are black

I don't get the one about the white horse

I think it has to do with patience and patience is often a function of interest

But most math goes both ways and more

Then sets and matrices and even you're bored

When was the last time you were bored to tears?

(actual tears)

Actual tears in actual stockings

Actuated joints, activated machines, accentuated modernity

And more

You could say there are many ways of looking at many things

The end of this vs. the beginning of tomorrow

And / or going on to peel off the days by the layer

Patient one-by-one

Accidental two-by-two

Eventual tearing in jagged strips

Calcium deposits, bark, dead skin cells, etc.

And crunching

It ends on the salt flats and everyone is there

High five, everyone

Now, break


Susan said...

With so many universes and propositions to be explored, how can anyone be bored? If it were only quantity, I could imagine boredom--more and more of the same--but, as you prove here, quality reigns and delights with its surprises and mysteries (rusty or not). Wonderful poem in your inimitable style.