June 9, 2013

Ways of Seeing Something and Then Saying Something

Ways of stringing together a couple days and calling it something

Ways of sitting back and measuring a bunch's worth, bunching after bunching

But I'm really thinking buckets and wanted to try and keep you with me a little better, for once

Fabric. Brick. Surface and material, but I've never found time to sweat the science of donuts and tubes. It just doesn't get me going.

Breakfast. Health. Finances. Sunshine. Thinking about other people's future, too.

Some hard work.

Meeting all kinds of people again and it's been a while.

All kinds of loud and it's been a while.

An entirely separate something could grow here, but won't under current conditions.

Remembering how many choices there are out there to be made.

If I could pick a superpower, photosynthesis would be high on my list.

And to think how late grass evolved.

Aside: the placebo effect is still an effect.

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