June 23, 2013

I Don't Get Everything That's Going on Here

It's like I have this new pencil and it has the GPS in it, but it doesn't know how to sing the place

It's like the sun has gone red and the sky has gone black and we're all exhaling like there's no tomorrow

It's like winter is here, but the days are still absurdly long, and we eat outside in parkas past 8pm with the cold sun shining down on us

Let us say this and let us say that

Let it all grow


Water falls from great heights and pools down low
Ambling on stairs, mewling in basements
Left to the sun, and left to sing
Left to the way things are and re way things were
Amber waves of amber light, late autumn
Can you tuck yourself away and wait for morning to come?
Ever ready, ever ready, ever after


What's next