June 4, 2013

Things You May Have Heard Of

So many of the grammatical rules you learned growing up are things made up in the Victorian age to put a stranglehold on language and make the well-off feel weller off

Or the educated feel rich

Or something

Like the scribes that used to have the power

And the head of the Department of Defense is called the Secretary

And the invention of dictionaries or at least the spelling part therein and all kinds of ideas about what smart is


Similarly useless stories about what intelligent is


I wanted to call this "Enter the Laser Cat" and I realize those two pictures add up to better than anything you're reading here

I do volume like nobody's business

Volume loud

Volume amount

Volume like length but cubic

Seriously, this is worth most to me, I'm betting

And I don't mean that as false self-effacement

I just need to wind out

And I'm just throwing triple-pluses when I think I might turn a corner

You can skim ahead


The M in one thousand

A pound of coffee

Predatory behavior


Sing. Sang. Song-bringer. Throat singer. Singed tentacles. A long way home.

Group think. Design by committee. Aren't we all? For here and ever after.


"Secondary Sensibility" is something I should write. I wrote it on a notepad in my car earlier today.

Maybe it's a chapbook dedicated to Justin.


The books I write.

I've been thinking about absurdly long hash tags, too

The ultimate would be 133 characters

But anything so long that you couldn't event retweet it is perfect

Even 50 or 70 char long is good enough

I wonder what it's going to do at the line breaks

I assume just stupidly break


Retreat it. History is always full while storage is always storing more. The end of storage would be quite an event.

Douglas Adams would make some joke about the Big Bang being some accident cause by rampant efficiency at a Self Storage rental place in the previous universe

He'd make it a funny joke, whereas for me it is just another dig at efficiency

What is it good for?


Efficacy. Effaced artifact. Fractured bonds. Leveraged capital. Bartered wounds. Ring. Rang. Favorite towel.

Anybody will tell you, don't even try explaining humor.

Paint is drying

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