June 19, 2013

So Yeah Selfie Again Biology and There's That

What I forgot was that I accepted it at first


There's somebody with a bag over his head

There's somebody on TV right now by the hundreds

There are China-scale audiences in China

They show you this thing and then this other thing and there is an arc and it reminds you of a rock in flight

But not just any rock

Oh, Henry! Come on now.

Come one and all

Come back now, ya hear

Come all ye faithful

Comets rained on the Earth, but the dinosaurs were long gone this time

The thing that survived is the thing that went to ground

+++ The Week Ahead or Just Past Interlude +++ 
(with thanks to Anna and others)

Manic Monday
Taco Tuesday
Weigh-in Wednesday
Thirsty Thursday
Freaky Friday
S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!
Sunday, bloody Sunday


Something has to come after or else I'm a liar

Leave balance to your yoga instructor

And finish for stock photography

And faking it for making it

You'll be asleep before you know it