June 5, 2013

It Would Be Easier If You Could Trust Everything To Be Dead in the Dead of Night

Don't make a habit of surrounding yourself with terrible things

Avoid swimming in pools of acid and/or lakes of fire

Study the necessity of sadness

Mimetic, pathetic, pipette

Prince of pearl

Stop meaning for me

Stipulate your surrender

There will be his judo where digital code -- which is driven through language-based instruction and calculation -- creates extra-language experience and it will be wild

Pre-language? Ultra-language?

I guess that was all an aside, but it ran across my mind earlier today in a meeting and I scribbled it down

I didn't want to forget it

Even if it isn't going anywhere yet

Animals riding animals

The War of 1812

That Javitts Center fee you get hit with when you stay at a hotel in New York

I'm thinking about a lot of things, I guess

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