June 2, 2013

Platformer, Contrary, Conveyance

Or Sunday check in
Or Sunday and I'm in the sun (for now)
Or I am here

I accidentally deleted an app from the home screen on my phone, but I can't figure out what it was

I want that to be a stand-in for so many other things

But I know that the missing app is something I needed for a situation and I'll remember when it occurs and there I'll be app-less

Like I'll need to diffuse a bomb to save the whole squadron

And I'll be all, well Shazam isn't gonna help me with that

Only the bomb will be inane and the squadron will be my life

And maybe knowing what song I'm hearing will be a different kind if answer

And an opportunity to purchase


Where I'm going with this

Baby blue Members Only jackets on aging war veterans

Confrontations with my classist skeletons

Do you think those kids at breakfast are meth-heads or on the way to it?

Maybe they are on their way out of here

Which is the iconic novel about spending everything on getting out, just to realize that this thing around you was what you wanted all along

Maybe that was Citizen Kane

It wasn't the Great Gatsby was it?

Mayhaps that's what Gangnam Style was all about in the end


Something slower will come

Something that's worth more or does more or is more

And it's likely that depth isn't the answer

Location:Castle St,Salisbury,United States