June 18, 2013

Not So Easily Fooled, These Good Citizens

O say what do I say
Not so easily fooled, these good citizens
These hearty citizens
These farms stocks

I don't know what I'm saying, in fact
It's late and my back is killing me

I've been perusing Appalachia again far past my bedtime

I've watched my team fall to tigers

I've seen a man in a red tie sing old songs that were new and back again

There are term limits among the many limits available

There is, of course, the speed of light with its promise that things will never change

There is the impossibility of now and now much like getting there by getting halfway there at a time

There is everything at once, now, and the mad romp that offers that is now normal

Just like teleporting will be normal and distance rendered something different like the train and the telegraph then timezones then telephones them half-timezones then the Internet and so forth

Just like the brain being unlocked with its dynamic arrays and then cascades of proteins and then it will all be ours to declare some new kind of zones and all kinds of important things will be rendered moot once again

What's next? Who will have it?

I doubt it'll be in English, but I'm sure it will translate this into something I don't know the first thing about, when some bored future state asks itself, whaddya think we got here?

That's not why we do it

At least most of us

Like the interglacials, this is the time between beers with people you care about

People who are sorting through things and want to tell you about it

And want to hear what you have to say after