April 11, 2015

Can All of It Matter?

Unfortunately all of it can't matter

The same is a hard place to get to
A hard place to be

They have these boulders they call erratics and they're not just a thing in the Adirondacks

They're everywhere
Which means a lot of places

Glaciers move slowly whatever way they move

There is advancing
There is receding
Or retreating

Do you make the coffee at your house?
Do you do the dishes?
Can you cook a steak?

There is a thing these last few hundred years, but especially the last thirty or forty and

That thing is a list

Everywhere you go
Which means exactly what you're thinking

Everything I say or write or do

That favorite place and
That favorite thing and
Some quality sunshine

When we make a simulations -- and I mean a pretty broad "we" here -- at the bottom of it all there are a handful of equations duking it out at any given moment

Sometimes just two equations with a whole bunch of what-ifs crowded around

Everything gets in the water if you let it

Currents carry if you let them and

The air wants to be breathed

Dust yourself off everyday and in every way

There comes a time for the doing

More sunshine

And everything expected and unexpected

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States