April 18, 2015

Deep in the Box, a Dangerous Hitter

Or, I meant to write this at the zoo

There were flamingoes and penguins and elephant

There was sun and lemonade and convenient parking

Is it a statement of fact if I start it off with "did you know"

Like if I said, Did you know the sky is purple?

Is that a statement that claims the sky is purple

I was wondering that listening to a Jiffy Lube commercial

I like to get my oil changed there

Somewhere between idiom and ellipses makes language worth living

What's the space between jargon and idiom? Is it power?

And what about Italian food in the spring?

Yeah, I made a drink and put the game on the radio

Build it up one thing at a time

Make this the world you were meant to live in

As best you can

There will be autocorrect

There will be expectations and family and whatever

It's on

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States