April 5, 2015

We All Want It to Be All Kinds of Real

We all want it to be real

We all want to get closer to this

We all want to collapse moments on moments

Views are known to do all kinds of things

Telescope and then leave it

Leave it all behind

Projection and then project and then try it again

You don't have to rinse

It's been raining

You have a box, but you've already taken the gift out of it

You've dug a hole

A river works through canals until it is a river again

Cities rise and fall because time, because the economy, because whims on a huge scale

Cover it all
You got it
Don't be shy

Be be be be be be be

Howso, Howey

How does and goes

Paint it, patent leather, pawnshops, power

Pride, pride, proud

Prance it out

The family that stays together stays together

Location:Wincanton Dr,Fairport,United States