April 1, 2015

This Is How You Make a Diamond

This is how you make a diamond.
This is how you can make a diamond.
You can make a diamond.
How you make a diamond.
How to make a diamond.
Making a diamond.

Go all the way home.
Spell everything backwards.

Pile, pile, pile, pile.
There really were dinosaurs.

There are things we breathe on purpose.

Diamonds can be yours.
Make a diamond.
Make a good diamond.
Make the right diamond.
You'll make a diamond today.
You can make a diamond.

To just want it out there.
This is not how you make a diamond.


...and so NaPoWriMo 2015 is underway -- with great thanks to Maureen Thorson for all she does and all she gets us to do. Because it is good for us.

Yeah, I didn't mean that to sound crazy.

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