April 3, 2012

Be Scared

This one goes out to all the 911 dispatchers

Like a comfy change of clothes, but for everything

I'm working on earning it and thinking it till then

I'm saving up for a celestial-scale warm iron that's gonna make everything OK

I say could great things about living in Baltimore and you either hear me or you don't

I can get loud when I'm frustrated

My great grandfather was pretty much blind before I was born

There's this thing about neck tattoos, this other thing about "survival," this thing about freeloaders vs. accountability, this thing about plateaus, this thing about a good meal or a good drink or remembering to eat lunch

This thing about teen moms, this thing about 911 dispatchers and suicide lines, this thing about the Fall line up

This thing about unbridled hate, this thing about tortoises, this thing about baby anything

Some days it's like all stripes

Some days Johnny Cash

We've got two more left, you guys have been great

I've got to hold it in my hands

I've got to, got to, got to

Location:Penn St,Baltimore,United States