April 19, 2012

Foot-Pounds, Past Lives, And So Forth

I got you this great picture of a cartoon squid but my phone crashed out without saving it right

And it is wicked late and I need to be up real early so I'm not gonna roll back down to the cartoon squid again

I need to get some sleep instead

And there are plenty of those squid -- you'll see them soon enough


Could you find me some ultra-biodegradable, safe-for-everyone-in-every-way markers so I can throw them into the sea?

It doesn't matter who thought of that

Or who followed it up into a joke by adding the Red Sea to the mix

It comes down to the fact that you open it up and you see all the people


What's the last thing that surprised you

Be honest


Have you seen
Our hourglass-patterned
Divan going going
Going over the

Pretty much everyone
Over forty and over fudge
Dreams of a day that'll
Glow like
Exit signs and neon hearts and today's date on your phone.


Heisenberg's fudge
Fuzzy fudge
Statistical fudge

I-can't-spell caramel
But-I-love-the-scene caramel
And-am-a-sucker-for-rhythm caramel


Don't worry, I know there are far better places I could traipse

But I'm gonna turn in for now


The day is over when you say so

Somebody said so

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States


Auntie J said...

I love this one. I love the rest of it too (and the other ones), but "D'jibiouti!" is awesome.