April 23, 2012

It Tends to Ends; Monday, Monday; and Tomorrow

I picked up a book on haircuts and another on the importance of dressing nice

It could be any year in almost any country

But it isn't

I'm back in 2012 Baltimore

I close my eyes and I'm somewhere else

Your eyes are open, you're somewhere else, and I like that on you

You can only put so many pins in a t-shirt

Buttons tend to be strewn on floors or they stud an elevator panel

Children have an innate sense of buttons, everyone knows that

Why am I wasting your time?

Heat makes the air swirl and the dust rises until it collapses

Cold makes the water shrink then it freezes and it grows

Daylight makes the planets sing and the birds help orphaned girls with laundry

Pictures make the day stand still and everyone mistaken

Pillows let the head rest

This is the waiting


Everything is moving into place

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States