April 10, 2012

More Than Company

To run incredibly fast from one place to another

To make decisive movements but without reason

A particular object slipping out of your grasp

Or the once-solid becoming nothing before your very eyes

Somethings may take a long time, but everything happens

Let's tie reason's slumber to the tail of an angel that isn't paying attention

Don't worry, he won't smite you

Let's hide our problem out on the salt flats where witches fear tread

Let's get ourselves a nutritious meal and tip generously

This haul won't get any shorter

Hills and un-hills, alike

Like fever and cold clamminess dancing across your forehead

A whole bunch of likes

Little things standing in for big things

Every thing that brings me back to you

A solid as

A couple of buts

Like like like

Turn it around

You won't find it cheaper

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States