April 21, 2012

Well Hello Gorgeous

In West Texas, you think of a song and you buy it

No not because there might be some rattler at your boot a moment later

There isn't some fear you're gonna die in the desert

I could put it down that way

Make a good read

West Texas desert voice

All boots and belts and hand-worked wooden handiwork

They made a shed that's shaped like a starship because they could

This town is full of because they could -- that's why you should visit

I could say something about never going home, but I got this girl back east, you see

All kinds of reasons

But heads up, maybe a month?

There'd be a lot of sitting

Mixed in with some walking


Except for this right here, I'm making it all mine

Location:W San Antonio St,Marfa,United States


Susan said...

"Because they could."
Ain't that the truth!

Jennie K. said...

Hi, I posted this on the BAP blog because I love it. Hope that's OK. If not, let me know.

Jennifer L. Knox

Jamie Perez said...

Awesome stuff, Jennie -- thanks for spreading the word.