April 9, 2012

Can't Stop or Won't Stop?

Good night, Ms. Dall -- I find myself looking for facts that just don't matter

I remember sitting on a dirty floor in the basement of the Tokyo Rose, having abandoned my post at the bar


You, and the others that night

Rumors of messy love triangles that also didn't matter

For that 30 minutes nobody was getting a drink and nobody needed one


I think I'm driving to New York tomorrow for dinner with a friend and hopefully some other friends that are more like brothers actually

And the situation is shitty because that's what it takes to get us together

And that's shitty, too


You look back and you look forward and you hope not to walk into shit


I used to write like this


I like that Cold War Kids song about taking family vacations and swearing you'd not take another drink

But I'm having a drink right now and that's not a problem


All kinds of things make you look in all kinds of directions

Lefties say the darnedest things

Racists say the darnedest things

Almost dead people say the darnedest things

Hey you, you know who you are

If you lie to me I'm going to want to punch you in the goddamned mouth

I already want to punch you in the mouth

I wish I had punched you in the mouth back when

You really could've used it

But my daughter was with me and she really thought your girlfriend was great

And I just don't punch people in the mouth

I don't know that I have it in me

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States