April 8, 2012

There Is a One, and There Is a Two

I don't know

What's your favorite reference coin for scaling a photographic subject?

What's your favorite white for a living room?

I don't have the strongest opinions on countertops.

I remember roofs more than roof-decks.

The sound of hooves in the distance and my life rarely cross paths.

The sound of a train in the distance late at night.

Industry in my city is more often dying industry.

A rooftop, summer, early early morning, flat on my back, been out all night, someone's sheer-ish shirt over my face softening the light. Pretty perfect.

Wrap-around porch, between ocean and sound, North Carolina, sun on its way to set, blood pressure on the floor, warm skin, cold drink. Also pretty perfect.

I'm sick of this cough

It'd be a winter-echo if I didn't love winter so much

That's what I've got

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States