April 25, 2012

Some Say the Newton Was Ahead of Its Time

Travel between galaxies, think about it

Inertia cuts both ways

So does lightspeed

We talk about things that ring true

We talk about alloys and precious metals

Actually, is there a such thing as precious metals or did I just make that up

If the communication communicates then it isn't mangled, but other things might be

What can you make with a cloud?

What can you test?

What can you measure right now?

What good is it?

A guy I used to work with once saw someone take a header off that bridge

I don't think he was sitting where I'm sitting

Telescopes, compression, monocles, individual trees or blades of grass, useful assumptions, expected distinctions

Sometimes a good day keeps getting better on the heels of a bad one, and I'm trying to figure out if that's why I do this

Brass is different things to different people, and there were and still are a bunch of people that either don't have a clue or don't care

There is maybe no difference between those for you

Are you sitting in the sun?

By water?

In a pair of your favorite jeans?

Try being ridiculous a little more

Might be good on you

Meanwhile, I promise to try to eat a little more regularly

We'll catch up later

Location:Whitehurst Fwy NW,Washington,United States