April 1, 2012

Colonel, Where Are You Taking Us? I Thought We Were Staying in the City

Maybe we've misjudged ice cream

Maybe we couldn't resist chasing after the forgers

We're training

We're learning to outrun translation and confound surface tension

It's a good night for a walk

Ahead of the rain

Count your lucky stars

Give thanks to hydrogen bonding, it's the bestest bonding we've got

Give thanks to the Spanish language, it is among the dopest

How many nights have I lain half in love with a language isolate

How many foolish nights, how many ignorant days

I'll tell you, though, the training is paying off

By the end of the week, I'll be levitating through walls and bend stones to my will by merely staring

The future is hidden under our new, ridiculously comfy mattress

In nine short months it will be ours

Everyone, everything

What's with the fake accent?

It is. It is.

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States